Fastest Draw In The West

Fastest Fifty & Fastest Century

Both records are held by George “of the Jungle” Taylor:

  • Fastest Fifty – 17 balls (294.1 S/R)
  • Fastest Century – 43 balls (232.6 S/R)

Fastest to 1000 Runs in a Season (1990-2023)

Owyn Tong-Jones holds the record for fastest to 1000 runs, taking only 20 innings in 2015.

Duncan Kent is second, taking 23 innings to reach 1000 in 1996. In the same season he went on to score the highest total in GCC history (1506).

Winkers, Andy “The Unit” Steele and Max McGee are joint third on the list, taking 25 innings to reach 1000 (in 2005, 2016 and 2022 respectively).

Fastest to 50 Wickets in a Season (1990-2023)

Peter “The Maestro” Slade occupies the top 3 places in the fastest to reach 50 wickets in GCC history (2014, 2017, 2019). This is testament to his consistency and skill over a decade of GCC dominance.

The legendary Steve Wright is at number 4 with his effort in 1991. In the previous year he took a 10-fer in the BCL.

Mickey Large is at number 5, showing that his “bunny gun” was most effective in 1999!