Every day’s a wicket day

Looking back through GCC history our Chairman JR gave us the task of finding any Goring players who had taken wickets on every day of the week in the same season.

A virtual impossible task I hear you say! However, trawling through the archives with some Excel wizardry has revealed that one such GCC player did achieve this feat- in 1990! The player was Steve Plumb, incidentally he went on to achieve a monumental tally of 125 wickets in the same season!

Steve Plumb – Wickets 1990

Players who have achieved a wicket for every day of the week in their whole GCC careers are as follows:

  1. Alex Crawford
  2. Andy Ankerson
  3. Duncan Kent
  4. Jamie Vickery
  5. Jon Williams
  6. Kenza Barton
  7. Matthew Armitage
  8. Mickey Large
  9. Mike Horton
  10. Paul Atkinson
  11. Peter Slade
  12. Stephen Haines
  13. Steve Wincott
  14. Steve Davies
  15. Steve Plumb
  16. Tom Ferry
  17. Tom Hedge
  18. Tony Hedge