Statto’s All-Time 1st XI

The identity of Goring’s All-Time 1st XI has been a hotly debated topic over the years. Here is my take on the age old discussion.

Openers: Ollie Carrier and Will Smith. Experienced campaigners with seven 1st XI centuries between them opening the batting- a laudable acheivement. Carrier best of 120 and Smith best of 118. Smith also offers a spin bowling option if needed.

Ollie Carrier
Will Smith

No 3: Graham Nicholson. Perhaps GCC’s best batsman averaging 34.8 in the 1s including a best of 134.

Graham Nicholson

No 4 & Captain: Duncan Kent. Club legend and top run scorer in the league- also can bowl. Top score in the league of 109.

Duncan Kent

No 5 & Keeper: Chris Lewis. Average of 32.2 in the league with a top score of 108. Handy with the gloves.

Chris Lewis

No 6: George Taylor. High average and very high strike rate, ideal finisher. Has a 17-ball league fifty.

George Taylor

No 7: Alex Crawford. Spin bowling all-rounder best bowling in the league of 6/76, highly versatile and can also bowl pace.

Alex Crawford

No 8: Dave Sexon. 80s legendary swing bowler with a best of 9/50 in the league. Can also bat.

Dave Sexon

No 9: Jamie Vickery. Pace bowling all-rounder. Top 1st XI wicket taker in the club and league best of 8/56.

Jamie Vickery

No 10: Peter Slade. Club legend and metronomic bowler who can also bat very well. League best of 8/21.

Peter Slade

No 11: Steve Wright. 90s legend and the only bowler with a 1st XI 10-fer to their name. Pace and accuracy- 1st XI bowling average of 11.2.

Steve Wright

The stats that back up the picks are below.

1st XI Batting Stats:

PlayerRuns50s100sBatting AverageBest
Ollie Carrier354018426.8120
Will Smith281614323.9118
Graham Nicholson396423234.8134
Duncan Kent704447130.1109
Chris Lewis9676132.2108
George Taylor10376028.094
Alex Crawford7853029.170
Dave Sexon13549024.689
Jamie Vickery285114020.579
Peter Slade199211020.572
Steve Wright4491013.255

1st XI Bowling and Fielding Stats:

PlayerWickets5WBowling AverageBestFielding Dismissals
Ollie Carrier82127.675/3387
Will Smith21021.14/2551
Graham Nicholson43
Duncan Kent185616.126/43100
Chris Lewis36
George Taylor27029.224/3917
Alex Crawford98219.386/7623
Dave Sexon134715.499/5022
Jamie Vickery32511208/5676
Peter Slade322914.988/2118
Steve Wright1841411.2110/3215

Don’t agree? Email me (Tom Hedge: with your All-Time 1st XI and I will endeavour to include it as an alternative.

Indeed we have already recieved one such Alternative XI, from Stephen Wincott which is shown below:

No 1: Ian Grant. Average of 21.9 with the bat in the league, best of 111.

Ian Grant

No 2: Matthew Armitage. Average of 25.2 with the bat in the league, 2 centuries and best of 114.

Matthew Armitage

No 3: Andy Steele. Average of 28.0 in the league, best of 79.

Andy Steele

No 4: Owyn Tong-Jones. Average of 38.6 in the league, 2 centuries and best of 135.

Owyn Tong-Jones

No 5: Jimmy Lennox. Average of 30.3 in the league, 2 centuries and best of 132.

Jimmy Lennox

No 6: Jim Ross (*). Pace bowling all-rounder: batting average of 22.6 and bowling average 21.5. Best batting 116 and best bowling 5/28 .

Jim Ross

No 7: Dan Harrigan (). Batting average 18.1 in league, best of 97.

Dan Harrigan

No 8: Darren Clarke. Spin bowling all-rounder: batting average of 20.2 and bowling average of 18.9. Best knock 97*, best bowling 5/30.

Darren Clarke

No 9: Mark Dickinson. Pace bowling all rounder, average of 22.4 with bat and 18.4 with ball. Best batting 55*, best bowling 6/35.

Mark Dickinson

No 10: Adrian Chilcott. Aggressive paceman, bowling average of 17.4, 6 five wicket hauls hauls and best of 7/33.

Adrian Chilcott

No 11: Steve Plumb. Medium pace bowler, bowling average of 12.8, 8 five wicket hauls hauls and best of 8/25.

Steve Plumb

Winkers’ Alternative 1st XI Batting Stats:

PlayerRuns50s100sBatting AverageBest
Ian Grant16455121.9111
Matthew Armitage211411225.2114
Andy Steele4202028.079
Owyn Tong-Jones8504238.6135
Jimmy Lennox8805230.3132
Jim Ross288816122.6116
Dan Harrigan4714018.197
Darren Clarke6651020.297
Mark Dickinson4713022.455
Adrian Chilcott5092013.869
Steve Plumb43004.38

Winkers’ Alternative 1st XI Bowling Stats:

PlayerWickets5WBowling AverageBestFielding Dismissals
Ian Grant34033.184/3631
Matthew Armitage16044.753/5525
Andy Steele16029.383/365
Owyn Tong-Jones10020.24/3611
Jimmy Lennox20028.13/479
Jim Ross125321.525/2849
Dan Harrigan4033.53/1516
Darren Clarke87218.95/3014
Mark Dickinson43118.46/359
Adrian Chilcott123617.417/3316
Steve Plumb156812.798/254