Walk Of Fame

Imitating Hollywood’s Walk of Fame for garishness, this area of the site values long standing contributions to Goring Cricket Club by a number of key players – often over decades of playing for the Club. The Walk of Fame currently covers the period 1978-2023.

The criteria for entry is as follows:

  • 5,000 or more Runs Scored or
  • 250 or more Wickets Taken or
  • 150 or more Fielding Dismissals

1978 – 2023


Induction YearInductee(s)
Retrospective entries1979: Frank Crook, Dave Lockwood 1980: Andy Taylor 1981: Tony Spear 1982: Keith Grant 1983: Robin Fuller 1984: Dave Sexon, Mat Smith
2022Original 24 inductees covering 1985-2022: Andy Ankerson, John Buller, Ollie Carrier, Alex Crawford, Mick Edwards, Tom Ferry, Ian Grant, Stephen Haines, Tom Hedge, Tony Hedge, Matthew Hodges, Duncan Kent, Michael Large, Graham Nicholson, Steve Plumb, Jim Ross, Jonny Russell, Len Sexon, Peter Slade, Will Smith, Peter Smithson, Jamie Vickery, Stephen Wincott, Steve Wright


  • 32 inductees in the period 1978-2023.
  • All GCC appearances on play-cricket are valid.
  • Wickets totals include countdown cricket (Hundred) games.