Percentage wins as captain

There has been much speculation over the years over the identity of GWEC (Goring’s Worst Ever Captain). Winkers certainly has a few opinions on this matter that he’d be a happy to divulge over a pint in the soashe. However, in this article we are focusing on Goring’s finest captains based on percentage wins.

Alan Clark tops the list for the 1st XI with 58.3% wins followed by Pete Smithson with 57.9%. Ollie Carrier, one of our most recent captains, is at #3 with a 46.4% win ratio. President Duncan Kent is at #4 with a mammoth 56 wins as part of his 43.1% win ratio. Kenza Barton is at #5 with a 41.2% win ratio.

For All Games George “Jungle” Taylor is at #1 with a massive 76.0% win ratio representing his tenure as Sunday XI captain. Alex Crawford is at #2 with a 61.1% win ratio. The Chairman Jonny Russell is at #3, his win ratio of 60.3% largely encompassing his reign as Ultras captain. Dave Coley is at #4 with 57.1% wins and Robin “Dobsey” Fuller at #5 with 56.7% wins.