Indoor Nets

After the great success at the new location for indoor nets in 2022, we have secured the same for 2023 – with the first session this Sunday! It is a great location as it is close to Goring and we have exclusive use of the hall. The full details are:

  • Location – Moulsford Preparatory School, Moulsford, OX10 9HR
  • Time – 12.15-1.45 (but please arrive early to help set-up so that we make full use of the 90 minutes)
  • Dates – Every Sunday from 29th January – 2nd April, inclusive
  • Who – Seniors, Development Squad & Under 15s
  • Cost – £4 Seniors, £2 Development Squad, Free of charge for Under 15s – payment to be made via Teamo
  • Where – Sports Hall (exclusive use for GCC) – get to by going around the back of school on right hand side

Teamo has been updated with all the sessions – please use Teamo every week to confirm or decline your attendance so that we can track numbers and plan sessions (if we have enough people then we can plan to bring the bowling machine). Once you have attended the session you will need to go in to Teamo to make your session payment (if you are a concession then please select via the 3 dots).